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Helping Advocates Influence Leaders


  1. After reading this book, I want to get more involved as an advocate, and I feel Ms. Till has given me clear-cut steps to do so. The book is well organized, specific, thorough, encouraging, and positive. She liberally uses personal experience as examples which makes the book compelling. I believe anyone could be a successful advocate if they follow the advice in this concise, easy to comprehend book.
    Dr. Nancy Kendall, Florida
  2. As a result of your training, our coalition was able to lobby in Tallahassee for appropriations needed in our community. Through this lobbying we succeeded in bringing over $7 million to our region. Your hands-on personal touch helped us know who, where and what to do, and allowed us to formulate a strategic plan of action which led to success.
    Melonie Manson, Executive Director, Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce
  3. A Journey to Yes is pleasurable to read and shows great respect for the legislative process. Kathy explains the process and how advocacy clearly works, by giving a practical set of directions for earning lawmakers' time and respect. The optimistic and encouraging tone make people believe in their own leadership potential. it gives me advice and ideas for starting my own practice.
    Sarah McLeod, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and Retired Educator, Florida